Business Headshot of Laura Ledenbach. Head of Global Electronics Quality at Evonik. Photographed by Ludeman Photographic ( in Sammamish. Also serving Headshot and Event Photography in Bellevue, Redmond and Seattle.
Headshot of Khaled Sedky, VP of Engineering at VMWare. Photographed by Ludeman Photographic (, Sammamish.
Business Portrait. Photographed by Ludeman Photographic (
Headshot of Google Engineering Leader Stas Kuvshinov. Photographed by Ludeman Photographic (
Business Headshot of Icertis Employee. Photographed by Ludeman Photographic (
Business Headshot of Icertis Employee. Photographed by Ludeman Photographic (
Headshot of Stacy Wood of Issaquah. Photographed by Ludeman Photographic (
Headshot of Megan Palazzola of Poma Fertility Clinic. Photographed by Ludeman Photographic (


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Find your amazing Headshot.

Business Headshot of Dan Keating, owner of Keatings Architects & Interiors Employee. Photographed by Ludeman Photographic (
Headshot of Icertis Employee. Photographed by Ludeman Photographic (
Headshot of Dr. Ron Beesley, MD, of Poma Fertility Clinic Employee. Photographed by Ludeman Photographic (


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Choosing Your Photographer

Keep It Simple


Have a look at the photographer’s photos. Are they consistent and high quality? Does it look all over the place? They need to have a similar look and feel while conveying confidence.


Professional headshots fall under two categories: creative and technical. A good photographer has a mastery of both from years of experience. Which means this falls in the ‘you get what you pay for’ category. Be wary of a deal that is too good to be true.


Do you connect with the photographer in a way that feels natural and genuine? To get a great headshot, you need to feel relaxed, confident, and that you are being handled by a professional.

Be Comfortable for



More industries than ever require a headshot to make connections.

Leadership Headshots

You are a professional – your headshot should show what you bring to the table. Time to move on from that five year old badge picture!

LinkedIn Headshots

The corporate world is interwoven with the digital world as a matter of necessity. If you want to be in the game, you want to look like you belong.

Group Headshots

Consistent, great looking headshots of your team shows professionalism clients and is a positive morale booster for employees.

Client Feedback

Meggie von Haartman
Meggie von Haartman
I recently had the pleasure of working with Ludeman Photographic. He was not only able to capture my best angles, but also made the entire experience comfortable and enjoyable. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of high-quality headshots.
Khaled Sedky
Khaled Sedky
The experience was amazing from start to finish including how fast was I able to get an appointment within a day notice. Within the session, John really knew how to get the best head shots I had in my life. He helped me adjusting lighting, backgrounds, my smile, attire, and position to get the best results.He was patient and courteous and only settled when him and I believed we got the best pictures. Seriously, if anyone is looking for getting the best pictures for their profiles, I'd highly recommend reaching out to John. I think you'll be like me positively surprised of the results and the experience.
Victoria Hurlock
Victoria Hurlock
Thank you so much for the great session! As much as I don't like my photo being taken, you made the process enjoyable, and I appreciate the outcome John! Thank you!
Brandon Hong
Brandon Hong
I had a great session filled with laughter and the overall vibe allowed me to get comfortable taking pictures! Definitely recommend John if you ever need professional/corporate headshots!
Sheryl Valentine
Sheryl Valentine
Posted by Joe Valentine: John’s very personalized approach put me at ease and his skills helped bring out the best in my profile. A great resource for persons who need a professional business photograph.
Kathy Osler
Kathy Osler
the photo session with John was fun! His ability to make me laugh helped me relax. I highly recommend hiring him!!!
It was really good expericen and learned a lot from each shot. He explained me all the details. He was doing his best to keep my smile and I did not know have a good ^^ smile. I wish my business doing well so take more photos from him. No complain at all. !! I love my photos more than myself.
Alex L
Alex L
My father and I manage a financial planning practice together, and we were fortunate to work with John to create new headshots to replace our former photos from a few years ago. John was a pleasure to work with and made our experience comfortable and enjoyable, while also producing a high quality product that is a massive upgrade over our previous headshots. We would absolutely return to John next time we need photos taken, and we would highly recommend John to anyone seeking new quality photos for business or personal reasons!
Duncan Brand
Duncan Brand
John is a master of his craft and puts you at ease to get the best possible photo of you! Highly recommended, great experience!
Sarah Morrow
Sarah Morrow
John is an amazing photographer. We appreciate his partnership ensuring everyone is comfortable in the photo setting. We've rehired him many times!

Companies from across Seattle and the Eastside have entrusted their Executive and Employee Headshots to Ludeman Photographic include Amazon, Microsoft, Salesforce, WiX and Icertis.

Logos of Redmond, Bellevue and Seattle Companies that have used Ludeman Photographic services include Microsoft, Amazon, Code, Thrivent, Salesforce, CFO Selections and Icertis.

We live in the digital age where information can be accessed almost anywhere, anytime.
It's time to elevate the professional image the world will view you through.
Let's get started!


Headshots help tell Your Story and Where You are Going

The photographer you choose is what determines the results.


You need an expert that can coach you on camera and bring out those awesome facial expressions. This is key to an amazing headshot, showing your confidence on camera.


The mark of a pro is having a portfolio that is visually consistent and looks amazing. My images are high quality and crafted in the most flattering way for you.


Your photos should show through who you are and the relationship with the photographer is essential to show that.


Reliability should be a given when you work with a professional from start to finish. The process is what ensures the product.


You need your images quickly with easy access; digital delivery is typically within a couple of days. You can download them at your convenience for 30 days.


At this point, I’ve heard all the reasons why a client thinks they can’t take a great headshot, and I have an answer for all of them. It’s my job to help you overcome yours.

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Headshot of Bellevue based Icertis Chief Legal Officer Todd Smith. Photographed by Ludeman Photographic (
Senior Director at Salesforce, Anup Kamath. Photographed by Ludeman Photographic (
Headshot of Software Engineer Dylan Charleston. Photographed by Ludeman Photographic (, Sammamish, Wa.
Headshot of Icertis Employee. Photographed by Ludeman Photographic (
Headshot of Shreyas Shekhar, Amazon Engineer. Photographed by Ludeman Photographic (

A Headshot Photographer in Antarctica

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