Full Individual

Session Info

$150 per Selected Image

plus $150 session fee

This includes all the following – 

  • Plenty of shooting time with multiple outfit changes 
  • Professional posing instructions in a fun, relaxed environment
  • Live view of photos for selection during the session
  • Gentle retouching of every photo

In the same session, we can do tight headshot perfect for platforms like LinkedIn and pull back a bit more for a half body portrait look

With professional coaching, everybody will look like a rockstar in a fun, relaxed environment. No cheesy smiles – just you being an authentic human being.

When the session is finished, we’ll look through the photos and select just the ones that captures the exact image you want to share with your target audience.

If time is the most important factor, let us know that and we can have you in and out of the studio in under 20 minutes.

Hair and Makeup for women by a professional stylist is an option at an additional cost depending on services requested.

Headshots for Teams at your place of business are priced differently than individual sessions in my studio. See the Group Pricing page for more information.

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Headshot of Bellevue based Icertis Chief Legal Officer Todd Smith. Photographed by Ludeman Photographic (https://ludemanphotographic.com)
Business Portrait. Photographed by Ludeman Photographic (https://ludemanphotographic.com)



No matter where you are in your career, it’s the cornerstone of your professional image. The initial impact you have is based on your headshot.

Business Headshot of Icertis Employee. Photographed by Ludeman Photographic (https://ludemanphotographic.com)
Business Headshot of Dan Keating, owner of Keatings Architects & Interiors Employee. Photographed by Ludeman Photographic (https://ludemanphotographic.com)
Headshot of Mohamed Shabar. EVP at SalesForce. By Ludeman Photographic (https://ludemanphotographic.com)-Sammamish
Headshot Photographer John Ludeman

About John

Headshot and Corporate Event Photographer serving Bellevue and the broader Seattle Eastside. Whether you need to capture key executive leaders, a whole team of engineers or a company event, John can help you out. John spent more than thirty years in high tech and senior leadership positions include Microsoft and Nutanix. In his spare time, he enjoys nature photography and road/mountain biking.